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Do I Dazzle You?

Welcome to Do I Dazzle You? A Twilight RPG based off of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Although we are a new site, we really hope you'll stick around and take part in our new found community. All you need to register, is linked in the sidebar for easy navigation.

first and last name

currently accepting both canon & original characters. we have a full canon list with plenty openings, please check it out!

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First read the rules, if you're reading this you must have figured that part out... Register with your characters First & Last names in CAPITAL LETTERS. Middle names are not wanted, or needed, and we're not trying to sound rude it just makes it easier to navigate the forum when you don't get stuck on a really long name (IE- John Jakob-Jinglehiemer Smith) I'm sure with that example you can see how a middle name could be annoying. Follow the template in the application page to apply. These rules are just to keep things tidy. After your application is turned in, go to the face-claim page and try to find a face that you like. If you need help, one of our staff members will be happy to help you.

All right, for some of you, this is finally good news!THERE IS NO CHARACTER LIMIT. Just don't bite off more than you can chew. Also, remember to check out our canon list, there are several characters left unclaimed (since we just started) and you are welcome to take a stab at stealing one, or more. We just ask that when activity checks roll around, if you do have an inactive character, you send a PM to BELLA CULLEN or EDWARD CULLEN and ask to have one removed. This is not required, but it could save your character from accidental deletion if you wish to keep them.

Sadly we regret to inform you that you cannot, and will not be permitted to use animated art or any form of art in your avatars and banners, a lot of artists have problems with their art being used without permission, and this can get us in trouble. Instead, we offer a face-claim program here using real faces (be it yours or a celebrities) Each character is allowed one face, but you may change it later if you so desire, so long as nobody else is using it. There will be no double claims unless you are a twin. Avatars must be 100x100 pixels, and Banners may not be larger than 500-200 pixels. Thank you.

This set of rules is easy enough to understand: Role play guidelines: Minimum post length=1 paragraph=4 sentences. God-Modding will not be tolerated, and for the love of everything holy please keep phrases such as "lol" or "omg" or anything else chat-speak out of role play posts. It will not be tolerated, and will earn you warnings, and possibly bans/deletion. Chat speak is allowed only in general chat, or in the C-box. Please keep it out of role play posts, it's a huge "no-no".

I'm just going to outright assume that most of you have been involved in other role play forums that have a hidden word somewhere in the rules... Well congratulations! You just found yours. The hidden word, or possibly not so hidden word is Pogo-Stick, so now you can finish up your application.

I know there are a lot of horrible sounding rules and regulations here, but in the long haul I think you'll understand why they're here (if you don't all ready). However, rest assured knowing that the biggest rule here is the easy one: HAVE FUN!!!

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