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    Into the darkness...


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    Into the darkness... Empty Into the darkness...

    Post by DEMETRI on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:08 am

    There was someone else here... Demetri could feel it... Looking around, he could see footprints to another human... Or at least he assumed it was human... Vampires usually treaded lighter than this, and they didn't smell half as much. The footprints had been made quickly, as if it was running from something, though they had been set in such a manner, that the sound would have been minimal.

    The dark alley smelled fresh, so Demetri knew that the person could not have gone too far. It smelled human, but as the trail was so close to the Volturi base, Demetri couldn't be sure that it wasn't Jane or someone who may have just fed on a human. That was the downside of having a fresh track so close to home. Had the Volturi been vegetarian vampires, the smell would have been easy to identify.

    Glancing at the tracks, Demetri bent over them, studying them to see if there was another scent that he might recognize. Surely enough... They didn't quite belong to anyone he knew... at least not that he could tell. Puzzled, and partially frustrated, Demetri kept examining the tracks and searching for other clues.

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    Into the darkness... Empty Re: Into the darkness...

    Post by JANE on Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:34 am

    Jane had heard that Demetri had left the Volturi base, and had supposedly caught a scent or track of an unfamiliar in the sewers of Volterra. Curious to see the culprit, Jane had decided to go and meet Demetri in his hunting grounds. She had gone to her room and garbed herself in dark clothing, not wishing to stand out in case the huntee was smart enough to attempt hiding. She put a velvet cloak on, and her cold crimson eyes met her gaze in the mirror.

    Once she was comfortably ready, she left the stronghold and entered the sewers. Finding Demetri wasn't too hard, he was still close to the entrance, and hunkered over some random track studying it, no doubt. Demetri had a tracking sense that was undeniably the best in the vampire world.

    "Fresh tracks, I take it?" Jane asks quietly. Joining Demetri over the tracks and studying them also. "That definitely smells like a human." Jane remarks looking down the tunnel. "Nobody in the base has eaten recently, I confirmed that before I left." She says quietly.

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